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Intrinsically unstructured/disordered proteins have no single well-defined tertiary structure in their native, functional state. Our server recognizes such regions from the amino acid sequence based on the estimated pairwise energy content. The underlying assumption is that globular proteins are composed of amino acids which have the potential to form a large number of favorable interactions, whereas intrinsically unstructured proteins (IUPs) adopt no stable structure because their amino acid composition does not allow sufficient favorable interactions to form.

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The Pairwise Energy Content Estimated from Amino Acid Composition Discriminates between Folded and Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins
Zsuzsanna Dosztányi, Veronika Csizmók, Péter Tompa and István Simon
J. Mol. Biol. (2005) 347, 827-839.

IUPred: web server for the prediction of intrinsically unstructured regions of proteins based on estimated energy content
Zsuzsanna Dosztányi, Veronika Csizmók, Péter Tompa and István Simon
Bioinformatics (2005) 21, 3433-3434.

Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi | Peter Tompa | Istvan Simon | Institute of Enzymology